Our Story

For many years our team worked together as subcontractors at a leading international certification company, building confidence in the carbon offset market through the provision of high-quality assurance services for a multitude of project types. When the certification company left the market, although our team was reluctant to part ways, it presented us with a new opportunity. Together we decided to form a new entity built on our extensive carbon market experience.

S&A Carbon is founded on this successful team and our mutual drive to protect the integrity of the offset market by providing valuable services to our clients.

Our team has been leading verifications since 2009 and has experience with all major programs and across a range of project types.

Project Type Experience

– Forestry
– Livestock Methane
– Household Energy
– Energy Efficiency
– Ozone Depleting Substances
– Agriculture / Nitrogen Conversion
– Mine Methane Capture
– Renewable Energy
– Landfill Gas
– Fuel Switching

Additionally, we have extensive consulting experience. From conducting comprehensive research into carbon markets to assisting numerous clients in developing strategies to fully utilize carbon market funding.

Our team has assisted the World Food Program in assessing the degree to which the development and financing of its activities in East Africa could benefit from carbon finance through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the voluntary carbon market. We have also advised the Saudi Arabian government on the design of institutions necessary to access the CDM.

We have experience with clients in the financial, oil and gas, mining, and electric power sectors in an effort to identify and prioritize carbon project opportunities.