Impartiality Statement

S&A understands that our customers and other stakeholders will be confident in our assessments only if we conduct our work impartially, based on objective evidence and not influenced by outside interests.  To this end, S&A has implemented a procedure to evaluate conflict of interests (COI) that may create actual or perceived risks to impartiality.

COI is assessed for S&A as an entity, as well as for each individual member of the verification team (categorized as high, medium or low).  S&A will not provide assurance services if a high risk is identified. If a medium risk is identified, assurance services may be provided if S&A can effectively mitigate the source(s) of COI.  S&A will continue to monitor COI during the course of work, as well as for a period of time after completion of work.


Confidentiality Statement

All information obtained by S&A in the course of an assessment shall be treated as confidential. S&A will only disclose information with prior written approval from a customer, unless disclosure is required by a GHG program or accreditation body.  S&A informs all customers of this requirement prior to execution of a contract and will immediately inform customers should disclosure be required by a GHG Program or accreditation body.


Complaints and Appeals

S&A strives to continually improve our services so that we deliver the level of quality and confidence expected by our customers. We encourage customers to provide feedback throughout the verification cycle and will make adjustments as necessary to address this feedback. S&A has established procedures for responding to any complaints, disputes, and appeals, to ensure that they are handled consistently and fairly.  For a summary of these procedures, or to submit a complaint or appeal, click here.