C-Tool: Minimizing Risks to Our Clients

A successful verification requires experience, preparation, and thoroughness.  Our team brings a wealth of experience that includes three ARB lead forestry verifiers, two with more than 25 years experience in forest inventory and management planning, mensuration, growth and yield modeling, financial modeling, information and decision support systems, and spatial analysis. This broad ranging experience and attention to detail in our forestry verification team has lead to the development of the C-Tool.

The C-Tool is a carbon stock calculator developed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Forest Protocol (2011 and 2014 versions). Its use minimizes the risk inherent in site visits and the sequential sampling test.  The C-Tool provides our clients with:

-Pre-site confidence

-Increased logistical efficiency

-Transparency and thoroughness

If you would like to find out more about how the C-Tool can help streamline your verification, please contact us at admin@saacarbon.com.