Project COI Evaluation

Please assess if you have any possible conflict of interest for this proposed verification. Potential sources of COI could be:

1. Providing an incentive to the Project Proponent to secure this verification contract.

2. Previous verification services for the project proponents.

3. Previous or planned non-offset verification services (such as consulting services) provided to the project proponents, within the last 5 years.

4. Personal or family relationships with the Project Proponents.

5. Any other situation of influence or pressure from the project participants of the project activity that may threaten your impartiality and independence.

Please select Yes or No:

a. By selecting "No", you confirm that you have no conflict of interest, and also confirm that you will inform the project manager of any conflict of interest that may arise during the course of the verification, and within 2 years following the project.

b. If you can not select “No”, please complete the questions that pop up.

Did you provide an incentive to the client to get this contract?

Do you have any personal or family relationships with the Project Participants?

Have or will you provide non-offset verification services &/or consulting services within the last 5 years?